In what will be known to future generations as the Great Reshuffling, a recent Zillow survey showed that more than 1 in 10 Americans reported moving in the past 12 months, either by choice or by circumstance. Read more

Amid concerns of alleged undercounting of TV usage, Nielsen says while total TV usage has declined, this is part of an overall long-term trend — and not related specifically to COVID-19 disruption of servicing its TV household panel. Read more


    Home Depot has maintained consumer engagement and attracted new DIYers by turning roughly five in-store workshops per month into approximately 40 monthly livestream shows on its website and YouTube, Digiday reports. Videos are not shoppable, but Home Depot acquires registrants' first and last name and email address and rewards viewers who complete a post-show survey with a 15% off coupon for an online purchase… Read more


      NBC has greenlighted two pilot orders - a wedding island disaster thriller a bank heist drama. Getaway centers on a destination wedding at an isolated luxury resort that quickly descends into chaos after a group of dangerous criminals takes the island hostage. The small group of guests, led by a fearless female Army vet, will do everything they can to stay alive. Read more